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Property Damage Disputes
Insurance Claim Handling
Coverage Issues
Bad Faith
Mold Claims
Error & Omission Claims

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PG Law represents homeowners, restoration contractors, and property managers when facing any disputes regarding insurance coverage relating to property damage claims.

We are highly skilled in handling claims involving storm damage (hail, wind, lightening), fire or water damage, mold claims and vandalism.

We will protect your interests in the event of a loss and ensure that you receive the compensation due to you.

After working in the property damage industry for restoration contractors for over ten years, Pattie Garger has firsthand knowledge of how claim adjusters approach claim handling and policy interpretation.

Ms. Garger has earned her Water Damage Restoration Technician certification (WRT) while working for one of Minnesota’s largest restoration contractor. She has personally stood on a rooftop to negotiate claims on behalf of her clients and understands insurance estimating software.

Aside from this, she has previously presented continuing education courses to insurance adjusters and insurance agents specifically focused on property damage claim handling.

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At PG Law, we provide a realistic analysis of your claim and potential outcome whether you consult us at the time of loss or near the conclusion of the claim.

We are also able to assist with claim investigations, risk analysis, negotiation and settlement. We provide cost-effective representation for clients facing appraisals, mediation, arbitration or court action.

We are here to navigate coverages for homeowner association master policies and HO-6 policies (including loss assessment coverages).

We stand ready to ensure that an insurance carrier is fulfilling their duty to handle a claim in good faith under the terms of the policy. If the insurance carrier has not met their requirements, we will work to recover any damages to a claimant.

We are able to leverage our experience and knowledge to make certain you are able to recover not only for your structural claims but also personal property claims, ALE (additional living expenses) or business interruption and lost profits.

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