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The cannabis industry is a rapidly growing industry presenting unique legal challenges. Businesses occupying space in the cannabis industry are governed by highly nuanced federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Strict compliance is the key to a long-term, successful cannabis business. PG Law works with clients seeking to navigate the complex legal issues involving: Insurance Issues, Real Estate Issues and Litigation Matters.

PG Law helps clients navigate the intersection of cannabis law and insurance issues, real estate issues (including commercial leasing) and criminal expungement involving cannabis issues.

At PG Law, we are able to analyze the terms and conditions of insurance coverage and its application to cannabis issues. We are able to advocate on behalf of clients facing coverage issues, claim handling approaches and bad faith disputes for business owners or individuals.

We also provide general counsel to businesses who may inadvertently encounter cannabis issues which impacts their day-to-day operations.

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Real estate matters and the cannabis industry also provides unique challenges especially when leasing commercial, industrial and agricultural properties to be used for cannabis growth, dispensing or perhaps, future cannabis cafés.

At PG Law, we help clients draft leases and contracts that maintain the highest level of legal protection while maintaining regulatory compliance. We assist clients with business licensing and renewals and negotiating contracts.

With the rapid legalization of cannabis for medicinal or recreation use, litigation of issues involving cannabis will be on the rise.

Having an attorney who understands the implications of cannabis when handling contract disputes, business fraud and misrepresentation, employment issues, property damage claims, and insurance policy disputes.

With the impending changes to Minnesota state law regarding recreational cannabis use, provisions are being made to address prior cannabis use and possession that resulted in criminal charges.

The results is the ability to expunge some prior criminal convictions with limited application. At PG Law, we are able to help certain individuals clear their criminal records.

Disclaimer: While some states have enacted laws to legalize medicinal or recreational cannabis use, cannabis remains classified as a controlled substance under federal law. Our practice is limited to compliance with Minnesota laws and regulations. Any legal advice provided may change due to changes in state or federal legislation. Due to implications of federal laws, advice may not be protected by attorney-client privilege.

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